About Steve


“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”  Aldo Lepold, Conservationist

“There are two things that have been a part of who I am since I was a young boy – a love of nature, and a love of working with wood.”


Today, Steve combines those two loves in wonderful harmony with the custom furniture he beautifully handcrafts in his studio located in the hills of Missouri.  He has only to look out over his own wooded land for inspiration for his furniture.  Steve uses what nature has provided in his live edge pieces and he uses the beauty that is all around him as inspiration for his sculpted free flowing designs.  He believes that nature has provided all the beauty the furniture needs and he uses no dyes or stains.

One look at Steve’s craftsmanship will be all it takes to see the love he has had with nature and wood since he was a young boy.

Steve’s studio is located in Defiance, Missouri.

"I have had several tables made by Steve Gardner. One was a Spalted Maple Coffee Table and one was a Walnut Dining Room Table. The Quality of the workmanship and details to the finished products are top notch! I would refer his company to anyone who wants one of kind furniture. Thanks for the Great Job Steve!"

John Dickherber, Wentzville, Mo. -

Handcrafting Custom
Furniture for
Generations to Come.

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